Small towns have too much weight

The time has come that we stop the town boards of our regions from having the authority to vote on matters as significant as the wind turbines.

I feel it is time that we stop letting a handful of people dictate policy for the entire region, especially on matters as large as these wind factories that are being erected all over our country side. It seems the people are being duped into believing that these boards have our best interest, while many have their own and family members interest at heart.

Corruption can happen anywhere, just look at the politicians to see what has happened in this country. People all have a price, Some will take it, others have morals and will not.

We can no longer depend on a handful of people to dictate the future of this area.

We need a referendum to have it put to the vote of the people from the district it is affecting. I am not a politician so I do not know how you bring this up at a meeting to get this done but whatever it takes it needs to be done.

I have seen what happened in Arkwright. I own property there 25-plus acres and this wind factory has changed the landscape forever along with property values and yet to be determined health risks from noise and flicker pollution. I reside in the town of Hanover so this again affects me and my family and it will affect all of the people of Hanover. Just look to the hills and see if this is what you want. I understand the project has been approved — by the town boards — but you can at least stop the crazy height that they want to have, another 100 feet higher then the Arkwright turbines is insane.

These are our own homes and community we are talking about the people have the right to have the final say in matters of this magnitude they can’t buy off the entire community. So let’s put this to a vote to the people who have to live with this for the rest of their lives and see just how much this area wants their countryside and their property values destroyed by these giant monsters that look like something out of a science fiction movie.

I hope the Town Board of Hanover makes the right decision and votes no on the increased height. Enough is enough.

James R. Lisa is property owner Arkwright and homeowner in Silver Creek.