Tourney a ‘huge undertaking’

The Dunkirk Little League has just completed its three year run of hosting the Girls 8-10 state Softball Tournament. This tournament brought in teams from all over New York state.

This is a huge undertaking in which just a handful of volunteers helped out. These people put in anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day for five straight days, helping out in various ways. Of all of 12 people we had helping out, only one of theses people have a kid involved in the Dunkirk Little League.

I would like to thank our scoring and field team. These guys made this tournament run with out any delays. Greg Haase, who did the announcing for every game, Kevin Hobbs, Jerry Reilly, Jeff Marsowicz and Ryan Corbett. To our refreshment stand crew who did an outstanding job feeding all of our guests: Anne Haase, Carol Ahlstrom, Cindy Ahlstrom, Lori Haase, Kevin Ahlstrom, Megan Ahlstrom.

To our umpiring crew, which was headed and arranged by Keith Ahlstrom. Thanks to these guys who made all the right calls and had very little arguments from the managers: Keith Ahlstrom, Tony Dolce, Joe DePasquale, Kory Ahlstrom, Jerry Reilly, John Boner. A

nd thank you to our District 38 Administrator Marv Cummings for all of his help in setting up contacts with the state and helping out at the scoring table and field maintenance. To our handful of local fans (you know who you are) who came out and watched and supported all of the teams.

Gary Haase is president of Dunkirk Little League.