Trump trying to clean up inherited mess


The immigration mess was created by then President Obama and his administration. They wanted open borders. They wanted sanctuary cities and states. They wanted to protect illegals who came into this country.

They gave more rights to illegals than any other administration. They gave the illegals the right to the same privileges that real citizens have and more. They don’t care if illegals who come across our borders come here to bring in drugs into this country. They don’t care that some illegals actually kill American citizens.

The Democrats in Washington, D.C. are on a campaign against the president of the United States. They are allowing felons to vote in our elections. The liberals in this country are becoming a socialism society, which means they want free health care, free college, free everything, but what they seem to forget is that those who pay for these programs are hard-working taxpayers.

Ask these self-proclaimed opponents of our way of life to go to Russia or China and see how the first thing you don’t do is go against the government like you are doing now. They won’t last long in their society. Only then will they appreciate this country for what it represents.

Fifty years ago, the Democratic party was for the hard-working people in this country. Now everything has changed for the worse. They are feeling sorry for the wrong people and not the American citizens of this country,

Where were the Democrats when President Trump was responsible for meeting with the North Korean President, the first time in 70 years? Where were the Democrats and their press when those killed in Korea finally had their American remains brought home? Obama did not do that and neither did any Democrats do that.

So the Democrats are in no position to preach. Their hate campaign has to come to an end against the president and his followers. If not, who can predict what the future holds, because of these unAmericans?

The Democratic party must stop this hate campaign against our president. Where is the investigation against Hillary Clinton? We would all be in jail if we did the same things she has done.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to