Cuomo, Hochul serve area well


Thursday is an important day in New York, and an even more important one for those of us living in the city of Dunkirk. We will be going to the polls to determine who the Democratic candidate for governor and lieutenant governor will be in the upcoming November election.

Let me first write to you as the mayor of the city of Dunkirk. Since being elected to this position, and after serving the residents of this city for the past 2 1/2 years, I have been fortunate to have been on the receiving end of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s generosity and his concern for western New York and most especially for our city.

When I came into the office of mayor, I learned that both our wastewater and water filtration plants were in desperate need of upgrades and repairs. I reached out to Gov. Cuomo, and he came through. He has stood shoulder to shoulder with me to help secure funds to upgrade these facilities. It is through his Smart Growth Funds that we were the recipients of a $2.5 million grant to improve Central Avenue from Millard-Fillmore Drive to Lake Shore Drive, and to renovate the pier into a more user friendly and welcoming destination for our residents and visitors. The governor’s efforts have not gone unnoticed when it comes to providing support for funding to help with our Brownfield projects such as the one located on Lucas Avenue, and the assistance that has been made available for the clean-up of the Edgewood Warehouse on Roberts Road. Additionally, the City has been the recipient of grants for Wright Park and Point Gratiot, state Department of Transportation Intersection Improvements and Restore New York.

Gov. Cuomo’s focus is beyond New York City and downstate. He knows some of the issues and concerns the residents of Western New York are facing. He knows where Chautauqua County is. Gov. Cuomo knows where the city of Dunkirk is! He has spent time and effort to ensure that we benefit from his involvement in this area. He has been instrumental in bringing Athenex to the town of Dunkirk which will be a major user of our water and wastewater processes, both of which will see added revenue as a result.

Over these past few years that I have been in office, I have never called on the governor seeking his support when he has not responded favorably.

As for Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, she comes from Western New York, and has been a frequent visitor to our area. She is always willing to step in and pinch-hit for the governor whenever asked, and continues to support the city of Dunkirk and our initiatives to grow our economy and make life better for our residents. Lt. Gov. Hochul attends many events in the city of Dunkirk and Chautauqua County.

She has made herself available whenever and wherever she is asked. Lt. Gov. Hochul is dedicated to the principles and values that we here in the City of Dunkirk possess; she has integrity, courage and purpose and she believes in this City and its potential.

Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Hochul believe in the city of Dunkirk, and it is now our opportunity to believe in them and keep them in Albany. When you go to the polls on Thursday, as a fellow resident of the city of Dunkirk, and as your mayor, I am asking that you vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.

I am asking you to vote with me to keep our city moving on the right path, and to keep Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Hochul in office in Albany.

Wilfred Rosas is the mayor of the city of Dunkirk.