Where do your wages go?


How can people who have no jobs live off of the taxpayers? They live better than those who are responsible for their daily existence.

To live a very irresponsible life in this country, it seems that the politicians think more of these free-loaders than they do of the people who pay the bills. They live a better life. Their kids get free meals at the schools, free bus rides, free health care, free dental, free meals.

Check the local stores the first of every month. You will see guys walking around with their pants hanging down pushing a shopping cart. Do you think this person really works?

You will also observe out of state cars, mostly Ohio plates. These are the people who come from out of state and go to Mayville to register for welfare because this state has no residency law for welfare. This is a sore issue for me because I have many times addressed this use with our local county lawmakers but have not received any type of answer.

It is sad when out-of-staters can steal the state taxpayers’ money and go back to their home state. I see nothing wrong with a residency law for state residents. Only it is bad enough that the taxpayers not only pay out for our own free-loaders but also for out-of-staters.

Where are our lawmakers? Not only in this county, but also in Albany. What is the problem? Maybe it is only common sense. That’s why they can’t figure it out. I am sick and tired of those who constantly take advantage of those hard-working New York state taxpayers who not only have to take care of those in the system, but also their own families. They have to work two jobs just for health benefits that non-workers get free.

Where is the justice for the American citizens who pay the bills? When are the politicians going to start to worrying about them instead of worrying about the illegals who are trying to get a free pass into this country? Where is the justice? Mr. and Mrs. Politician, wake up and see the light that is the New York state taxpayers and voters.

It’s about time to solve the opioid crisis. Throw the dealers in jail for life or death, possibly the latter. This country is too soft on crime thanks to the previous Barack Obama administration. He left this country in a mess, so blame him, not the new guy in office.

So keep working, because millions on welfare need your money. Disgraceful.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com