‘Count our blessings’ at holiday



The glow of autumn has come and gone,

The hardwoods are now bare,

And stately firs stand proud and tall,

As snowflakes fill the air.

A hush descends upon the world,

Thoughts of love and peace abound,

And tinkling bells and yuletide carols,

Fill the air with holiday sounds.

It’s that time again in every home,

When family ties are strong,

And Moms and Dads and Gramps and Grams,

Join all the kids in song.

It’s that time again to take a breath,

And reflect on old and new,

And count our blessings one by one,

For values tried and true.

It’s that time again to reinforce,

Sometimes long forgotten goals,

And re-establish faith in God,

To fan our conscience coals.

It’s that time again for Santa Claus,

His elves and reindeer too,

And sparkling ornaments on the tree,

With mysterious gifts to view.

It’s that time again for young and old,

To share in family pride.

And revel in each other’s love,

Standing together side by side.

It’s that time again for one and all,

To congregate you see,

To share in Joy and Christmas cheer,

Around the family tree.

Art Asquith, who wrote this for Christmas ’07, is a Cassadaga resident.