People’s Column

City hospital in healthy site


I’ve been wondering why we haven’t received any more information concerning the future of Brooks Memorial Hospital. Why is it necessary to build a new hospital, rather than remodeling the present hospital?

Brooks is certainly big enough since they have gotten rid of the Radiation program and are in the process of moving out the dialysis unit. Even UPMC isn’t considering putting up a new hospital in Jamestown. In fact they are putting money into the present WCA Hospital.

It would be financially better to keep Brooks and not purchase more land and build a new hospital with our money (the taxpayers) and at the same time leaving another empty building in Dunkirk.

Do any of you remember the bill of goods that we were sold – called Urban Renewal? This was supposed to be for the good of or community but instead it was the beginning of the end for Dunkirk.

It was tear down project of businesses and not a build up.

Come on Dunkirk. Let’s speak up for our city!



U.S. has reason to believe


So now we know who those that wish to destroy us are and their method to satisfy their subversiveness.

I knew, many years ago, the liberal faction in our government would destroy our country. There has been a few men and women, with courage, to stand fast with their effort to slow the liberal movement that wants to destroy our way of life, our customs and our pride.

At last we have a man that wants to save our country and what many have fought and died for. Can he accomplish this? Yes he can.

To the patriots among us I urge you to stand fast and support our President and give him a chance to implement his plans that we hope will help make our country better for everyone!