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Immigrants need a history lesson


To all the illegal immigrants crying about how unfair it is for U.S. citizens to want them deported, because it would break up their families, I say learn U.S. history.

In the later 19th and early 20th century that is how millions of immigrants became U.S. citizens. It is either part of our family history or the story of many friends family history.  How a member of the family would immigrate to America legally find a job and send money home until they had enough money to buy passage and then they were reunited.



Roundabout OK, median is not


I know few people like change, but the proposal to construct a roundabout at Routes 20 and 60 is a change for the better.

The Department of Transportation reports that a roundabout is 80 percent safer with traffic moving 30 percent faster. Who would disagree with that?

It’s safer because everyone slows down so that if there is a collision, the damage to car and passengers is much less than at a normal intersection. Sure many of us will have to get used to this new traffic pattern but I have gone through the one in Irving with no confusion and mostly without stopping.

Isn’t adapting to something safer a good idea? I am sure we will all get used to it rather quickly.

The median is another matter. All that will do is make us drive past the median if we are making a left turn and at the end of the median, you will be turning left anyway to get back to your destination. The roundabout at Irving has no median so why the DOT wants one here is a mystery.

I hope those who are against the roundabout will re-consider for safety’s sake. I hope many have joined me in writing the DOT in support of this proposal, but without the median.


Silver Creek

Donations assist Salvation Army


The Salvation Army had another successful Christmas Assistance Campaign thanks to the generosity of the local community.

On Dec. 20, the Salvation Army of Dunkirk was able to provide items for a full Christmas meal for over 152 families, as well as Christmas gifts for over 275 children.

Each year, the Salvation Army assists local families in need during the Christmas season. Local organizations, individuals, and community groups come together to donate food items, gifts and to adopt families in need.

The Salvation Army would like to thank the following organizations for their generous donations this holiday: Walmart, Stericycle, Community Bank N.A., Medicorp Offices of Silver Creek, Jamestown Community College North County Campus, SUNY Fredonia, United Methodist Church of Fredonia, Nestle Purina, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of Fredonia, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Fredonia, LEAH Home School Support Group, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Food Bank of WNY, Fredonia Place, and the many, many individuals who provided food donations, monetary donations, gift donations, and other assistance for the Christmas Assistance Program.

A special thanks to Spoke Folk of Fredonia for donating bicycles for several children in need, as well as the volunteers who donated their time to organize the programming.

Those in the community who wish to learn more about the Salvation Army’s year round programs can contact Lieutenant Samantha at 366-3701 or check out The Salvation Army Dunkirk’s Facebook page at


Emergency coordinator,

Salvation Army