People’s Column

Too many still wait for water


I am a resident of the town of Pomfret and live in the North End Water District. As of now, we still do not have water, but are paying for it through our property taxes.

I cannot get any answers as to when we will have water. When this was presented for a vote, we voted no. We have a well that has plenty of water for our needs.

Many people do not and are getting frustrated waiting for this project to continue. I have spoken with several of my neighbors and they are all wondering what is going on as well. They also cannot get answers when inquiring about the water district.

Now that there is a proposed regional water district, it’s still not complete. And Fredonia is the only municipality still on the outside looking in. If I am wrong, please excuse me.

State Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced some major funding for our area to improve aging water systems, but it’s only if we all work together.

As a taxpayer, I am concerned that we will continue to have to pay for something we will never get. This is not right. What will happen to the money we have been paying for water if the project doesn’t continue?

I highly doubt the residents will be refunded. Anyone living in this district that is paying for something they don’t receive should be concerned as well.



Consequences to actions


The United States of America is neither a feudal system nor a monarchy, but rather a government by the people, for the people. We cannot allow one person with a huge ego to force his wishes on us.

A point in FACT. The Holy Family were refugees. Where would the world be today if Egypt had said NO?



Turbines don’t stop at one


For those of you who are in discussion over the pros and cons of living with wind turbines, if you would travel to the Palm Springs, Calif., area, I suspect that would end the dilemma.

What once was a peaceful, beautiful desert, is now blanketed with farm after farm of spinning turbines obstructing the once serene landscape, where people came to escape the insanity of southern California urban living – to recline by their pools, sip their cocktails and enjoy watching the color of the mountains turn purple from the late day sun. Now, instead of rounding San Jacinto mountain to enter the land of peace and contentment, they are amidst the whining giants –  still chaotic – just different.

It never stops with just one. And if you decide they are unsightly and you want them removed, will that happen? Or are you stuck with it/them for all eternity?

Of one thing I am certain, if I were in the market to buy a new home and learned there were or about to be wind turbines within earshot and/or miles of vision, it would terminate any thought of home purchase in that area. Something to think about.