We need options like ‘Obamacare’


On Jan. 15, I participated in a peaceful demonstration outside U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s office in Jamestown.  The purpose was to protest the impending repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) in the absence of an improved alternative plan.

The ACA provides health insurance options to millions of Americans who otherwise couldn’t afford adequate coverage. It protects Americans with pre-existing conditions (a category which includes many of us) and it expands coverage to older children under a parent’s plan.

Employer-sponsored health insurance is a blessing and a benefit offered to many, but not to all. Any American who enjoys this good fortune must know that unemployment, like sickness and death, can happen to anyone at any time. The prospect of life without affordable health care is not what we want for ourselves or our families.  How can we wish it on anyone else?

The ACA is not a perfect plan, perhaps, but it should not be repealed until a well thought-out replacement is put in its place.

What’s the big rush? A healthier country is in all of our interests.  In the meantime, our congressmen and senators will continue to receive excellent health care through their excellent, well thought-out plans.

We live in a democracy. Demand that elected officials block hasty repeal!