Voice your concerns on Brooks’ site


Reading the front page (Feb. 25), it was a beautiful sentimental article, “Rooted in Love,” telling how Brooks employees were to wed beneath a copper beech tree in front of Brooks Memorial Hospital!

What does this title tell us? It shows all of us what our hospital is. It isn’t just a building, or people working there on just for a job. It is dedication and love for the staff’s work, in helping all of us in need!

Also, Mr. Horatio Brooks, our “I can,” was instrumental in building the hospital and the Alco Plant that made the locomotives. We are still hoping our Dunkirk Train Depot will be opened and when Gov. Andrew Cuomo comes in the future with news of the NRG plant, there will a grant for our harborfront!

My recent letter in the OBSERVER has gotten me many calls, especially from Lake Shore Hospital, even Gowanda Hospital. They said, if Brooks’ moves, it will eventually destroy them!

What about the big joke of our politicians, saying Dunkirk and Fredonia are going together on Central Avenue to the harborfront?

We already have joined since the incubator on Central Avenue. This was former SUNY Fredonia President Dennis Hefner’s goal.

What good would it do to take Brooks Hospital away from its current site? The politicians are raising their ugly heads again with only their selfishness of their own agenda. Where are our Brooks Memorial board members? Are they working for us? Also, like I have written before, Brooks Hospital has 65 beds. Our new hospital will have only 29 beds?

The walk-in clinic should be Stanley Star’s building on Franklin Avenue. Perfect! It would serve the Senior Center across the street, be in front of Ruggles Street, and near the children’s clinic. It will fit well when Athenex and the 900 jobs arrive.

And don’t let them scare you, of that $57 million grant. They can offer some for remodeling, showing that our Brooks Hospital is needed, where it is. Please everyone stand up to your politicians. Thank you and God Bless.