People’s Column

Other options for business


I support the concerns of Roberta Mastrelli in the People’s column (April 9). Great Lakes Refrigeration does not belong in a residential area but in one of the many commercial sites available in the city.

The first time around the zoning board voted down the change in zoning. Then what happened? What information was I and others not provided with that made the zoning board change their vote on the second vote?

My second question is why there has been no discussion of the commercial sites available for Great Lakes Refrigeration to use for their facility?

My third question is why Fairview Avenue residents, and in fact the entire city, were never informed of the first request by Great Lakes Refrigeration to change the zoning of the property they wish to buy?

I love Dunkirk and my family has been here for five generations. I want it to grow and prosper. Great Lakes Refrigeration can help accomplish this goal. A great location for them would be in Millennial Parkway, where Roblin Steel used to be. The city built the Millennial Highway to attract commercial companies to prosper in this location. There are many other options.

Please give this some thought and call the mayor or your councilman with your ideas.



Expand hours for bussing


I think there is a need for CARTS to expand their city routes to run seven days a week in Dunkirk and in Jamestown.

There are people who can’t go shopping in the evening, weekend, some holidays, work and church. Just because service isn’t available.

I would like to know if the county can see if there is funding available at the state and the U.S. government level. It doesn’t hurt to look into it.

This is my opinion because there are some people who would use the service if it was available.

Always remember, the world doesn’t stop at 5 p.m., weekends and holidays.