Don’t forget Mom on her day!


Often the first smile we see, and the first voice we hear is that of our mother. She nurtures us, cares for us, consoles us when we are hurt and worries about us when we are not there.

Our mothers are our greatest champions, the ones who love us no matter what we do. So, today, I wish each and every member of the greatest (and often times the most difficult) job on earth titled “Mother” a most happy and joyous day of celebration.

Whether it is coffee in bed, a pair of warm fluffy slippers, a phone call or dozen roses, I ask that you join me in wishing your mother and all mothers everywhere Happy Mother’s Day.



Send message with school vote


It is that time of year again that the Gowanda Central School is asking the local citizens to support the school and its annual budget. I think it is time that the school supports the local community again.

The superintendent, three principals, head of grounds and buildings are from other places outside of the district.

The elementary school principal came from a charter school and recommended teachers who recently taught under her supervision, that are not from the district.

Loyalty is a commendable trait, especially if someone has done a good job under your supervision. Those familiar with GCS know that there have been candidates that are from the district that have done a fine job with our students and are now up for positions this year.

I certainly hope that loyalty is taken into account for these individuals.



Why facility got cold shoulder


This is an open letter to Willie Rosas, mayor and Patrick Gorbett, owner, Great Lakes Cold Storage.

Referencing “old school thinking” really describes the recent debacle for the proposed cold storage facility. Thinking that if it is built in an appropriate area with costly roads built for this purpose hurts the area, you are wrong!

Jobs — I doubt 50 — will still be here if it is built in Sheridan. The local area will benefit, including Dunkirk.

“Old school” is thinking of each village, town, city and school district as all inclusive. Work together, as one entity. Consolidate. “Old school” is OK for some who might benefit from tax incentives for up to 15 years – possibly. Right?

“Old school” is planning and promising things behind closed doors. Enough is enough. Be public and include taxpayers from the start. Treat your residents with respect and you will be surprised how it may help you. We love our area. That’s why we live here. Talk to us!

And yes, thanks to the many who supported the Fairview Avenue, Green Street, Seel Street, Central Avenue and Greco Lane residents in our fight — both financially and verbally.