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Today notable in U.S. history


Because I am a member of the Jamestown Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, I received an e-mail from the New York VIS Committee about the Cannon Trail Monument to be unveiled at Crown Point Historic Site today.

The email said “the Friends of Crown Point State Historic Site would be hosting an unveiling ceremony for a monument commemorating the Crown Point cannon that Henry Knox hauled from Lake Champlain to Boston at the beginning of the American Revolution. The ceremony takes place at 1 p.m. at the Crown Point State Historic Site Museum. Re-enactors portraying the patriot Green Mountain Boys militia, under the command of Capt. Seth Warner, will arrive to commemorate the May 11, 1775, liberation of 111 cannons from the British soldiers posted at the fort.”

The Monument will “complete the 250 mile ‘Knox Cannon Trail’ of 56 monuments, 30 in New York and 26 in Massachusetts, which was installed in 1927 to mark the incredible journey of Col. Henry Knox that began in December 1775 and concluded three months later. Under his command, 59 cannons weighing almost 60 ton were hauled from Lake Champlain to Dorchester Heights where their presence convinced the British to end their blockade of Boston Harbor on March 17, 1776. Since the installation of the Cannon Trail in 1927, research has proven that 29 of the 59 cannons used to liberate Boston came from Crown Point, making it the actual start of the Cannon Trail.”

All I can say is “WOW” what determination and thank you to God as we enjoy the fruits of their labor.