People’s Column

Worries go ignored in city


I would not normally complain about things, but last fall my neighbor poured a pad for a lawn shed. It was about six inches from the property line. They took all the dirt from the pouring of cement and threw it on my lawn, destroying a section of my yard. They never even raked or seeded it. I expressed that I wasn’t happy that he put it there because his property is 75 feet in width. He asked if I wanted him to cut it up and I said no. He never mentioned he had planned to put a building right up to my property.

After thinking a while, I was wondering if that is what he was planning to do. I called the city of Dunkirk and the woman who answered the phone told me don’t worry, everybody knows you can’t put up a building that close to the property line and even if they didn’t, when they get their building permit they will be advised of it.

She asked if the building was up yet and I said no. She advised me that I was worried about nothing and the pad was probably extended for trash cans. I told her I’ve had neighbor problems before when I bought my house and it was awful. I don’t ever want to go through that again.

She stated that if they try to put the shed at the end of the poured cement, don’t allow it. Luckily I heard the truck and stopped it from happening. After being ignored by neighbors, I approached his wife and tried to tell her my side of the story — she wouldn’t listen to me and told me it was all my fault.

Just what I was afraid of — my plea for help from the city was ignored. The ironic part is he works for the city and still tried to devalue my property by putting his shed on the line. Not only that, I don’t believe he even got a building permit after talking to the assessor and the building inspector.

If the practice of the city is to let their employees do whatever they want without any repercussions, I should have been told before purchasing my house.

I feel betrayed by my neighbor and the city!



Land Bank deserves praise


For those of us invested in improved neighborhoods, I am just writing a statement of support for the Chautauqua County Land Bank. Certainly this corporation has already made many positive contributions in many parts of the county with the removal of and restoration of deteriorating, neglected properties which threaten the overall well being of a neighborhood. The Land Bank operates as a win-win kind of operation.

Even in cases where buildings are occupied, the assistance offered occupants is done with respect and follow through. Those buildings will then be upgraded for the overall good of future residents and will improve the street which in turn impacts many other residents and property owners in a positive way. Our neighborhood of Academy Heights has only praise for the thoughtful and proactive efforts of the Land Bank.