Peoples column


I have been blessed to be able to have the best of both worlds — home for the summer and Arizona for the winter. This was no accident; it was planed years ago after I returned from Korea. On Christmas day, I will be 88 years old. It has been a wonderful life, or at least up to my last decade, when the liberal progressives have been on the march to destroy the country I have loved for many years.

It seems there are very few newspapers willing to take a stand in opposition to the progressive movement. Most are just dedicated to destroying President Donald Trump and his agenda. How could anyone be against creating jobs by reducing taxes and bringing jobs back to our country? He also is making our borders safer by stopping illegal criminals from entering our country.

You might not like Trump as a person, but you have to admit there has never been a president except for Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, with the fortitude Trump possesses. It angers me to see articles (May 24) that compare Trump to the Battle-weary captain of “The Caine Mutiny.” To suggest our president is shell shocked or insane can only come from a distorted individual with an agenda perpetrated by the liberal and progressive movement. Vicki Westling’s diatribe is nothing more than slander in the guise of freedom of the press.

Like others, “they mistook the love for the practice of virtue an indeed not so much good people but a friends of goodness.” Publishing that column diminishes the OBSERVER’s credibility.



Apathy leading U.S. downhill


Forget about threats from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and ISIS. America is crumbling from within, thanks to the disgraceful “leadership” of both political parties and an electorate that’s drifting along on snooze control.

A long time ago, Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Today he might say something like this: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of despicable politicians is for good men and women to do nothing.”

At the very least, we need a new political party, if not an entirely new system of government. What form that should take is wide open for discussion by men and women with the courage and perseverance to stay the course. We have become a nation of spectators, sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to improve, while self-serving politicians enrich themselves and relentlessly attack the opposition.

The political landscape is only going to improve if good men and women grow a backbone, stand up to the powers that be, and take our country back using any means necessary. It’s too late for me to benefit from any possible improvements; my hope is for a better life for my three children and four grandchildren. That is why I fight.


formerly of Gowanda,