Peoples Column

Get food trucks off area menu


With approximately 10 restaurants in Fredonia that pay local taxes, increasing water and sewer fees, electric, gas, maintenance, etc., why do we need food trucks in our village?

It makes me laugh when I hear the mayor say we need to bring business into the empty buildings.

If we get any more food trucks from out of town at any events, we will get a petition up and make a lot of noise to our elected officials.

It’s not fair to our food businesses in the village. This is not Buffalo where you have thousands of restaurants.

Let’s play the game fair for our businesses who are doing business in this village. Come on, people, wake up, if you had a restaurant in this village, you would feel the same way.

Thank you for your consideration.



City gardens were delight


A huge thank you is sent to the gardeners who participated in the Dunkirk Garden Delights Garden Walk on July 9. They include: Kathy and Dan Uszscki, Harry Gawronski, Robert Delevan, Mary and Steve Rees, Teresa Mesler, Diane and Jeff Novelli and Deborah Richardson

We are also grateful to the artists, Tom Annear and Rosie Sanden, who contributed with plein air painting in the park during the day.

And we thank all the folks who came to appreciate the natural beauty in the gardens of Academy Heights. It was a day to remember.


and members of the Academy Heights Neighborhood Association,