People’s Column

Plenty of donors, special ride


The Sons of Liberty Military and Veteran Support Riding club, above, would like to thank everyone who was involved in our third annual Disabled American Veterans run.

This includes all the riders who came to participate, Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas and the city workers for donations and tables, the band Kosmo Jax as well as everyone else who donated. These donors include Tractor Supply, Mary, all the workers at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1017, Vera, Lorie, Rhonda, Peggy, Christina, Frank, Rich, Mary, Jerry, Rosie and Ernie.

Also a special thanks to Butch who took care of roasting our pig. Thanks to city Police Chief Dave Ortolano and Dunkirk’s finest, who got us in and out of the city safely, and our most grateful thanks to all the men and women who put their lives on the line every day so we can live the lives we do.


vice president, Sons of Liberty

Flag sends wrong message


Within a recent 48 hours, I have seen two vehicles driving around Dunkirk with Confederate flags on them. The Confederate flag is a symbol of racism.

You may try to rationalize your flying it, saying it’s “just a connection to the South,” but nationwide, the Confederate flag is known as a symbol of racism.

So, if people come up to you and accuse you of being a racist when you are in the communities of Dunkirk and Fredonia and flying that flag, don’t be surprised. It dismays me these two communities now appear racist and unwelcoming to people visiting and considering moving to this area for higher education and employment.