People’s Column

Tall shrubs are

parking lot hazard


I cannot be the only one who is straining to see around the overgrown shrubs in the plaza on Vineyard Drive. I am talking about the parking lot that is shared by Tops, Subway, Yotality and others. Nobody has time to get T-boned. Please, whoever is in charge of safety and landscaping in that plaza, take a look at how far you have to strain your neck and hope for the best when you’re navigating those congested intersections that are overflowing with bushes.

Please get out the clippers and nip this safety hazard in the bud.



Inaction in capital

continues chaos


I cannot express in words my feelings of dismay and disgust over the total paralysis of constructive action by President Trump and his cabinet since his taking office about six months ago. I also have failed to see the positive leadership by the opposition party. Amid the obvious chaos and disorder, to whom can we Democrats look?

Two issues of cruelty come to mind: the constant, unrelenting attacks on the Attorney General and the callous dismissal of the humane treatment of the LGBT community.

To “Occupy the Bully Pulpit” has taken on a whole new meaning for the words “to bully” in this expression.

Republicans, wake up and stand up for the little man in the middle who’s looking for a wise and thoughtful leader. Dems — where is our leader? Where is his or her voice?