Peoples Column


can fix corruption


Leaders of CSEA and our area representatives are showing opposition to the state Constitutional Convention proposal. The voters can choose the convention – for ethics reform. New York and Albany is corrupt. It will not fix itself. Only the voters can do it.

We can also help to eliminate party bosses who control who can run for office. The voters have a decent chance to force issues that Albany prefers to ignore. There are risks involved – who names delegates and who they are beholden to – but the benefits are great. More balance could be given to the Taylor Law – more favorable to labor and move away from moneyed-powerful unions and others. Albany needs reform.


Silver Creek

Trump’s words

bring disbelief


I, like most other Americans, was totally taken aback by what our president stated on Monday afternoon. I did not believe what he was saying. This man, our president, is unfit to be president of the United States. I was raised to respect the president, and those who work around him.

We need the Republican Party to stand up for the people of the United States, and replace him with someone who is fit to be president of the United States of America.



Change begins

with all of us


What can I do?

In these troubling days in which we live, you may be thinking and asking, what can I do?

Here is some age-old advice that I find helpful. Putting these words into daily practice can change you and your little corner of the world!

First, seek to please God, not men

Don’t use flattery or any cloak to conceal greedy motives or pretexts for gain

Do not seek to get praise and honor and glory from men

Behave gently, be like a devoted mom who nurses and cherishes her children

Be tender, affectionate, kind, thoughtful, helpful to others

Be willing to share, regarding others as “dear to you”

Work hard, hone your skills, ply your trade, so that you are not a burden to anyone

Be a person who has standards, morals and strength, valor, courage

When you are with others, stimulate them, encourage them to live lives that are good, valuable, useful and important

Peace marches may accomplish something, but I wonder if we would be further ahead to spend our time seriously pursuing the above attributes personally.

How about if we join forces and daily practice these principles? I bet that little by little, place by place, the world would change. And think, it started with you!