After primary, show support in Dayton


Congratulations to Angie Mardino-Miller for winning the Republican primary election against an incumbent. It seems good to have a candidate with the best interests of the community at heart.

Angie has had a long history of helping others. Her experiences include being a professional registered nurse, founder and executive director of the masters plan ministry, working closely with the RSVP (retired senior volunteer program) and the Cattaraugus county probation department. She has written several grants that have brought State funds into the town (a very useful skill for a small town government.) She is revamping the previously defunct Dayton Hotel into a serviceable community center where she operates the Dayton food pantry.

She is now willing to take on a much needed change in town government.

The current government is operating outside the accepted practices of our state and federal constitutions. According to the Constitution, there are three branches with checks and balances to prevent a single entity from taking total control. The branches are the executive, legislative, and judicial. Each branch is individual and separate. The executive branch is to execute the directions established by the legislature. The legislative branch makes the rules and the judicial branch rules on the law with no interference from the other branches.

The executive branch selectively enforces the town laws. This is a violation of legislative authority. The executive branch has used grant money awarded to the court for other Town purposes. Selectively enforcing the law is breaking the law, as is misappropriation of funds within the system.

Angie will be the only candidate for town supervisor on the ballot. There will be no Democrat, Independent or any other candidate for this office. I think it would be great if we elected her unanimously and showed her our undivided support.

There is no Democrat or Independent or any other candidate.


South Dayton