Peoples Column

Reed’s reign has

been too long


Thank you for your recent articles about Congressman Tom Reed. I live in a far corner of the 23rd. I’m not sure he’s ever been to my town and you maybe haven’t heard of Groton. I graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia and it’s hard to believe that we are in the same district. It’s so far from here.

Tom Reed was one of President Donald Trump’s earliest supporters and remains so. Always supporting his decisions from Trumpcare to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, keeping Trump’s taxes secret and dumping coal ash in between.

He has rejected Planned Parenthood’s invitations to visit. As recently as a few months ago he was spouting rhetoric about tax-funded abortions. Hello … Hyde Amendment.

He likes to paint people that voice their dissent to white men getting richer as radical violent extremists who wish him ill. Not true.

He said if New York can’t provide good jobs, people should move out of state? Nope, he is the one who needs to go back to where he came from, or start doing what’s right for the people he is supposed to be representing.

There are many candidates running to oppose Tom Reed and I’ll support whoever wins the nomination.

Vote him out!