People’s column

Signs point

to ‘dirty tricks’


It has come to my attention that once again, as candidates for office in the upcoming election Nov. 7 put up their campaign signs — they fall victim to political “dirty tricks.”

In this instance, Mary Stuhr a candidate for a seat on the Perrysburg Town Council, put up her campaign signs and within two days found that signs had been removed, while an opposing party’s signs directly across the road had not been touched. This was not in an isolated area but at the intersection of Peck Hill Road and Route 39 in Perrysburg.

This is not a new tactic, as it has happened to others, including myself some years ago as I was campaigning for the County Legislature. Again, it seems that Republican signs stay up while Democrat and other party’s signs disappear.

Those who are taking the signs down should be aware that this is against the law and considered “larceny”, as well as being unethical.

This “dirty trick” not only affects the candidate’s chances of winning, it also affects you, the voter, by limiting your information about who is running for office. It also discourages people from deciding to run for office.

I hope Perrysburg voters consider their choices carefully on Nov. 7.



Faire event

super for area


On Oct. 21, hundreds of people were able to enjoy a special afternoon at SUNY Fredonia at the Mini Maker Faire.

The event was for all ages and proved to be informative, fun, and exciting.

The college is definitely a local treasure that offers community events throughout each year, but this was free to everyone. Costs prohibit attendance at so many events at the college. To take a family with children is out of reach for so many families.

The sponsors of this Faire deserve a wonderful round of applause for giving the community this event free of charge. It was a day that built memories and that is priceless! Thank you!