Borrello disappoints on energy issue

ditor, OBSERVER:

I attended the League of Women Voters Chautauqua County executive candidate debate between Mike Ferguson and George Borrello on Oct. 26 at Dunkirk City Hall. The question of what the candidates will do to increase the use of renewable energy in our county was raised.

This is a topic that I’ve spent a great deal of time, thought, and personal energy on, since I truly believe the dire warnings of more than 97 percent of the scientific community when they insist that the climate crisis is real, and it is due to the actions of humans.

My heart nearly broke when Borrello stated there was no good reason to have government subsidies for renewable energy. The fossil fuel industry has benefited from government subsidies for over 100 years! Just in the last two decades, the federal government has given fossil fuel industries six times the amount of subsidies and tax breaks that renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar have received.

Simply look at recent catastrophic weather events and wildfires, predicted by scientists, and it’s clear that we are on a frightening path of environmental degradation. I love my children and grandchildren so much, and want our planet to be habitable for them, so I’ve worked to promote clean energy whenever I’ve had the opportunity.

The good news is that renewable energy has become more affordable, so that market forces are driving us toward a clean energy future earlier than expected.

Yet, there is damage that cannot be undone, merely mitigated at this point. Mr. Borrello, are you telling us that a habitable planet for our children is not worth a government subsidy? Shame on you! Climate crisis is the most important issue we will face in the days to come, and you had better wake up.