People’s column

Ferguson aims

to add jobs


County executive candidate Mike Ferguson has been talking to a yogurt company about building their new factory here.

The company is from Ithaca. They want to make an ethically produced luxury brand of yogurt.

They are looking for a location with a lot of small family farms. The kind of place where the cows are allowed to go outside and eat grass. Consumers are looking at more than the price of something.

They want milk without the antibiotics and other chemicals found in most cattle feed. They believe the milk from these cows is of a higher quality than milk from a factory farm. If our farmers could be sure their milk would sell for a fair price they would go organic in a heartbeat.

Ferguson is finding ways to support the economy we already have — and bring in new investment.



Wille will make a ‘difference’


Election Day is Tuesday. Please get out and vote, it’s your right.

Please vote for Leslie Wille for Fredonia village trustee if you want a strong voice in local government. Leslie is a strong minded person. She asks a lot of questions and thinks out answers before she makes the right decision.

Leslie works full time and at night she goes out door to door talking to people. People ask about water rates, taxes and a lot of people ask, “Why do you want to run for trustee?” Her answer is simply, “I want to make a difference in Fredonia.”

She is a very kind and caring person who will work for the taxpayers of the village of Fredonia and she will think things through.

Leslie has always been her own person. She has a mind of her own. She does things right after she thoroughly checks all angles out.

So please vote for Leslie Wille. I’ve known her all her life because I’m her father and I am so proud to call her my daughter. So please vote on Tuesday and vote for Leslie for a strong voice in Fredonia government.




Bigelow has reduced costs


I am compelled to write this letter to ensure that the voters in the village of Fredonia and the town of Pomfret have correct information instead of the misinformation and lies that are being spread by a few individuals.

Since 2011 when Dan Bigelow became highway superintendent he has worked hard to reduce the costs of the Department.

He requested to not fill the position that was left empty by his appointment, he wanted to see if the department could run with one less person and it remains unfilled to this day. Since 2012, his first full year as highway superintendent, he has also greatly reduced the amount of overtime paid annually. His average of overtime hours paid is 778.50 annually; his predecessor in the preceding four years was a yearly average of 981.75 hours.

Since 2012 the Pomfret Highway Department has acquired many additional duties due to the Pomfret Phase 1 Water District which they are able to handle with the reduced manpower and reduced overtime hours. We have a great department that works very hard for the town.

With Mr. Bigelow’s assistance we have also formulated an equipment replacement plan, so I am unsure what his competitor is speaking about in regards to unnecessary equipment purchases.

We have purchased two large pieces of equipment in the past three years, which contrary to the misinformation being spread about, were needed. We are looking forward to be able to plan for purchases, unlike in the past.

So the true facts are: decreased personnel, decreased overtime hours, planning for the future and increased job duties. As a member of the Town of Pomfret Board, I want the public to know the truth and not the lies that are being spread.

I urge you to re-elect Dan Bigelow as highway superintendent for the town of Pomfret. You will get dedication, experience and the truth.


Pomfret Town Board


What Pomfret

morale issue?


I am a 26-year employee of the town of Pomfret Highway Department. In the election article regarding Joel Chimera, who is running for highway superintendent, he stated he would improve the employee morale. I asked 10 of the 11 employees and all stated they have not spoken to the candidate. I would like to know how Mr. Chimera knows about the morale if he has not talked to the employees.

I feel Dan Bigelow, the current highway superintendent, is doing a great job.