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our tax code


Maybe it’s time to convert to a consumption tax instead of a “reformed” income tax. Under a consumption tax, everyone contributes, with no exceptions. It’s an absolute disgrace that we have a 16,000-page tax code with tons of loopholes to benefit multibillion dollar corporations and wealthy individuals.

By applying a consumption tax on all purchases of goods and services, we would ensure that everyone pitches in to support our national economy. A graduated scale could be applied so those with lower incomes would not be adversely affected.

Every manufacturing corporation would pay tax on all raw materials used; every service business would pay a designated percentage of their revenue, with no deductions, no exceptions and no nonsense. Maybe then all the tax lawyers and accountants could do something useful with their lives.


formerly of Gowanda,


How times have changed


This is regarding a recent letter on Jamestown’s bilingual traffic signs. I am of Polish descent and my wife is of Italian; and I knew our grandparents. I know if traffic signs would have been installed written in their native language they would have been insulted by the inference that people of their particular nationality(s) do not have the intelligence to learn and understand a few simple English words. Back in their time it was known as “talking American,” because they immigrated to this great land to become Americans.

Personal retention of customs, food and language of ones family origin is important, it distinguishes our roots. However, linguistic assimilation distinguishes who we want to become. As for the city of Jamestown, perhaps their money would best be invested in English language classes for the area Hispanic-Americans.


Silver Creek