People’s column

No beef over meat party


Thank you to all our volunteers, patrons, donators, Auxiliary, VFW guys, and staff who made our Fall Meat Party a success.

Thank you to Jennifer Lemke for doing a great job as our mistress of ceremonies. I know we need to tweek some things like our PA system. We will work on that so it is ready for our spring Meat Party — possibly March 10 at 5 or 6 p.m. Please let me know your thoughts for the time.

Thank you to Mr. Pat Rodgers who drew my name for the gun; which we purchased from JJ Guns, Sheridan. The winning lottery draw for the Theme Basket donators is The Forestville Food Pantry. They received a $25 VFW gift card. Thank you to Dave Eklund and his staff from South Dayton Supermarket who did a marvelous job with the meat we purchased for our fundraiser.

A special thank you to my auxiliary sisters and brother who once again came together to make the sandwiches and snacks. Chopper, Brenda, Brian, Ward, Stubby, Judy. Arlene, Jan, Mary, Denise, Allison, Neveah, Mackenzie, Stephanie, Kathy, and Kelly were our faithful volunteers. Thank you!


Sheridan Memorial VFW Post 6390,

office manager, volunteer,

Sheridan auxiliary charter life member

Cemetery theft

is disturbing


To the person who removed the Stepping Stones from my brother’s grave in the Webster Street cemetery:

We know this was no random act. You deliberately targeted those stones.

If taking them has given your pleasure, then enjoy it because we all have to pay for our actions, if not here, then hereafter.

I would ask you to please return them but I don’t think you will. As the old saying goes, “Apples don’t fall far from the tree.”