People’s Column: Tuesday’s Election

Clerk hopeful has issue with trust


Just a few short weeks ago, it appeared Larry Barmore was running for county clerk unopposed. Aside from one announcement article several months ago, there was no other candidate visible.

Political signs for his opponent were scarcely seen until a couple weeks after they were legally permitted and she wasn’t in parades, at community events, or even holding public events so the voters could see what her plans were for the job. The first thing the public heard from his opponent was a negative press release about a traffic ticket Barmore received days earlier. The first question everyone asked was, how did she even know about that? Did she use her clout in the court system to dig up dirt on her opponent? Would she then use information in the county clerk’s office to dig up dirt on all political opponents of hers or her political party?

Those of us who have watched the debates have seen repeated attacks on Mr. Barmore, which have all been proven false. In response, Mr. Barmore provided copies of his pay records to show he is a full-time County Clerk on the clock, working many more hours than “required,” in addition to all of the “off the clock” appearances and meetings he does. In response to requests from the Dunkirk community, he hired a Spanish-speaking DMV representative, yet the political attack dogs in the audience at the Dunkirk debate continued to chastise and berate him because that wasn’t enough. Apparently, rather than run the enormous department he is responsible for, he is now supposed to head the human resources department as well.

With all of this negativity, I watched as Mr. Barmore honestly and respectfully answered every question. He was clearly knowledgeable of the job and, if anyone was listening to what he said, he has saved taxpayers more than $100,000 by moving the Jamestown DMV office. He’s made improvements to just about every department he runs in under four years.

I’ve yet to see a single proposal or qualification his opponent brings to the table. We don’t need an attack dog in the County Clerk’s office. We need someone who is focused on serving the public. Larry Barmore has done this and he’s earned another four years and that’s why Larry Barmore received the Conservative endorsement in this election.



Chautauqua County Conservative Party

Don’t forget to vote on 3 propositions


There will be 3 propositions on the ballot on Tuesday. With the exception of Proposition 1, there hasn’t been a lot of publicity on these. Proposition 1, as I mentioned in my letter Sept. 17 asks whether we should have a convention to revise the constitution and amend the same. As I stated in my earlier letter, this is a waste of money. Vote no to Proposition 1 and send our elected officials a message to do their job.

You can send our elected officials another clear message with Proposition 2. “The proposed amendment to Section 7 of Article 2 of the State Constitution would allow a court to reduce or revoke the pension of a public officer who is convicted of a felony that has direct and actual relationship to the performance of the public officer’s duties.” Some people want a constitutional convention to accomplish this. Vote yes to approve Proposition 2 and we can solve the problem without the cost of a convention.

Proposition 3 proposes an amendment to create a land account of up to 250 acres of forest preserve land, eligible for use by towns, villages and counties that have no viable alternative to using forest preserve land to address specific public health and safety concerns. An example given on would allow the substitution of land needed to correct a dangerous curve on a highway through a forest preserve, or to establish a bike path along the highway. I haven’t found any groups saying vote yes or vote no. It sounds like a reasonable proposal.

Please remember to vote on November 7 and don’t forget to vote on these propositions.