Entertainment loses values


When I was much younger, the games, Donkey Kong and Pac Man were the rage.

You were a winner when your Pac Man devoured all of the targets. The entertainment industry has escalated to war games, with the sanctions of our politicians, due to high profits and greed for money.

Children’s minds are being brainwashed with these false gods labeled entertainment. People have become addicted to mind games. They are consumed by their passions and pursue the self pleasure of destroying everyone else at the cost of looking in the mirror and only seeing a guilty murderer.

America needs to be at peace with God. This will happen only when “The Word of God” occupies first place in men’s hearts.

Murder is the ultimate response to oppression! Suicide is the ultimate response to depression!

God’s love eliminates both (John 3:16)

Choose life!

Nations are being destroyed, as they turn from God to idols.

God, forgive us, amen, and return to our families, our churches, our schools, our villages, our towns, our counties, our states, our great nation and our world. Glory to you, God! So be it!