It was simpler for some


This is in response to the column by Richard Makuch “Nothing simple about politics, losing” (Dec. 11). Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Makuch, let’s all return to those fabled days of yore, when men were men, and women stayed in the kitchen where they belonged!

Yes, we had love for this country, or at least the white men did, who kept blacks in separate units in the armed forces, and forced them into the backs of the buses when they returned home!

You probably forgot about that part of your idealized vision of America. Then again, why not, you’re a white guy.

The Republicans have more money than many entire countries, and with all that couldn’t get one single charge to stick on your most hated nemesis, Hillary Clinton. Maybe, just MAYBE, because none of those “misdeeds” were actually crimes?

Simple people? Whenever I hear Benghazi mentioned I know I’m talking to a simple person, and an ignorant one with little to say other than parroted “facts” from Right Wing, totally partisan sources. Facts at that point are on vacation. Those “good old days” people like you are so fond of, weren’t so great for blacks, Jews, women, gays, Hispanics and basically nobody but white men.

Yes indeed, Mr. Makuch, things were simpler, at least for the white guys.