People’s Column

Candidate sends best wishes


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob Scudder, Melanie Mann, Doug and Julie Essek, Roger Britz Jr., the League of Women Voters, the Republican Committee and caucus. I also thank the people who allowed me to put signs in their yards, the people whoo took the time to talk to me and wish me well while I was walking the village as well as Marge Carroll and my friends at work as well as my family.

But most of all, I would like to thank all those village residents who showed enough confidence to vote for me in the election. Last, but not least, thank you George Borrello for your time and guidance throughout the election. I did not know George before we started the campaign, but I gained a friend before it was over. He is a gentleman who chooses to take the high road. He took the time to tour the water treatment plant and reservoir with Republican candidates as well as going door to door and marching in the Farm Festival parade along side us.

Best wishes to George Borrello, all the trustees of the village of Fredonia and all those who were elected in Chautauqua County.