People’s Column

Sign of change in Sheridan


I was driving by Sullivan’s Charbroil on Route 20 and Christy Road when I noticed something that wasn’t there! The sign welcoming us to Sheridan was missing. I pulled over to see that the sign had been sawed off and only little stubs remained.

I knew it couldn’t be that someone vandalized it, so I made inquiries around town and found out that the new owners of the land insisted to the town that the sign be removed.

I can’t understand why. It seems like a great landmark telling their new customers: “Just look for the sign welcoming you to our beautiful town of Sheridan, turn onto Christy Road and there you are at our office!”

I know they now own the land there, and I am so happy to see a new business coming to town. Yet, to have such a pleasant sign welcoming people to our community — a beautiful sign with flowers in front of it in the summer, corn stalks and pumpkins in the fall, and Christmas lights during the holiday season — why would the new owners insist on having the sign removed? Now, just two poor stumps of cut-off, pressure-treated wood remain.

It seems to me that just as we are welcoming new neighbors and their business, it would be nice if the new owners would return the favor and find another place nearby for our sign to once again welcome everyone who passes by our beautiful community!



Arkwright Hills

Veterans stand and protect


This poem was written by Don MacMartin, commander of the Damcott-Jones American Legion Post 874, Clymer. He read it at the December meeting of the Chautauqua County American held at the John W. Dill American Legion Post 434, Brocton, NY. I asked him for permission to share it by submitting it to newspapers and I have his permission.

I stand.

I stand for God and country.

I stand for fathers grand and great.

I stand for those who gave it all to protect my country and us all.

I stand for those at Valley Forge with bloody feet they stood tall.

I stand with Coast Guard they are always ready to protect our shores.

I stand with Air Force in ‘Nam who protected us on the ground.

I stand with Navy at Midway who turned the tide to protect our side.

I stand with Army at the Bulge they never retreated but just said “Nuts.”

I stand with Marines at Guadalcanal they held Bloody Ridge and gave no knee to none at all.

Let us stand for fathers grand and great and never a knee let us take.

I stand.


commander Post 434,


Increase salary for city mayor


When I came back to retire to Dunkirk after 41 years, I met with then Mayor Richard Frey to tell him what a great job he was doing. I then met with the city attorney to donate something to the city and to inquire about the mayor’s compensation and that’s when I learned that the janitor of City Hall made more than the mayor!

I was happy for the janitor, and didn’t begrudge him a penny of his well-earned money, but I was flabbergasted that the mayor made less than the people who reported to him. He made less than a rookie police officer, much less more than the chief of police who reported to him!

I plan on asking the City Council to pass a resolution that the mayor’s compensation be $1 more than the highest paid person who reports to him or her and that includes the superintendent of schools. Honestly.

“Common sense, isn’t so common.” Voltaire got that one right.”