People’s column

Allow student to be on golf team


This letter is about coach Jack Dugan and Lewis Markham. I am begging the Forestville school board: Please, please do not take this young man Lewis off the team! I go along with what he said – he knew he did wrong and should be punished. But no way — do not take him off his team.

There is no way he will ever get this part of his life back. Don’t punish him for telling the truth. (In fact, he should get a gold medal for telling the truth). There are more liars out there than people telling the truth. I hate a liar!

There is no one on this Earth who hasn’t made a mistake, even if they don’t want to admit it. I’m praying about what will happen to this young man down the road if the school board members don’t have a change of heart. I’m praying he won’t give up and turn down the wrong path of life. Just remember his life is in your hands, school board.