Peoples column


boosts Art Trail


The OBSERVER is truly a hometown newspaper serving our Chautauqua community well! In addition to giving the news about town, it supports the efforts of many groups by featuring articles related to events.

The North Shore Arts Alliance sponsors the annual Chautauqua Lake Erie Art Trail. This 10th anniversary self guided gallery and studio tour happened over Memorial Day Weekend.

Visitors stopped by studios to meet artists and saw where and how they create and what inspired their work. Each studio visit was different — fiber artists, jewelers, painters, photographers, potters, sculptors. Some visited galleries as well. The Art Trail was chaired by Nancy Nixon Ensign. The Children’s Art Trail was coordinated by Roslin Smith. The brochure was designed by Riko Chandra. Other publicity was coordinated by Carrie Shank.

OBSERVER editor Gregory Bacon featured all the artists on the trail prior to our event including photographs.

As a result, participation was boosted throughout the county. The Art Trail brings people from outside our area benefiting not only the artists but also restaurants, lodging and other attractions.

A warm thank you to the OBSERVER, artists, patrons, sponsors, and volunteers.



North Shore Arts Alliance

Windmills are an inspiration


When I look out my kitchen window up toward Arkwright hills and see the big cranes lift up the wind turbines, I am reminded of my Savior on the cross that was lifted up on Mount Calvary for my sins.

As the wind turbines are for all to see, God’s work of love on the cross was for all of mankind.



Our democracy

is at stake


It is beyond disturbing to see and hear a dictator in our own nation’s capital.

To cover up the cozy-up that he did in his private life with anti-American autocrats such as Vladimir Putin, our president lashes out at people who choose kneel during the national anthem.

The United States Constitution protects peaceful dissent. It does not protect cavorting with foreign enemies.

We as a nation must learn the difference if our democracy is to survive.