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This is a response to the letter by Diane Andrasik headlined, “‘Silly’ commentary filled with attacks” (June 3) on the Opinion page. The letter was well researched, well thought out and, no doubt, took a long while to compose and edit. Bravo!


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Mitrano brings

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I am deeply concerned that the White House recently eliminated the National Security Council’s Cybersecurity coordinator position. Our national intelligence agencies have been telling us for years that our number one security concern is a cyber-attack.

As evident in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional hearings, our national leaders seem to have a shockingly limited grasp of the digital world. We desperately need Congress people who are fluent in the language of the internet, information technology, and cyber security.

Fortunately for us the front-runner in New York’s 23rd Congressional District is a nationally recognized cyber-security specialist — Tracy Mitrano. A resident of Penn Yan, Mitrano has served as an expert in these issues for organizations around the world – from universities and governmental agencies to nonprofits and the private sector. If we elect Mitrano to the U.S. House of Representatives, she will be the first and only cyber-security expert to hold a seat.

Beyond her deep understanding of cyber security on the national level, Mitrano is also concerned about how incumbent Tom Reed has ignored our district’s need for fast, reliable internet access. I agree with Mitrano that our economic growth depends on broadband in “every farm, every home, every school and every business.” With these issues, as with so many others, Reed has failed to lead.

Mitrano is ready to represent our district from day one. A mother, business owner, university professor and administrator, Mitrano earned a doctorate in American history and a law degree before she became a cyber-security and internet expert. With her outstanding competence in so many areas — as well as her compassion and personal warmth — Mitrano has secured the endorsement of the Working Families Party and the Women’s Equality Party and has won several 2018 straw polls across the district. She can beat Tom Reed in November, and forge the kind of leadership much needed in Congress.