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Cage cartoon

is exaggeration


I was very disgusted with the so-called cartoon in the OBSERVER (June 22) with President Donald Trump throwing paper towels to a crying child in a cage.

Folks – alert – this isn’t true. This cartoon is fake news. This cartoon isn’t funny. Isn’t cute. Isn’t interesting. This cartoon is a out and out lie, made up by a Trump hater.

You must pay attention to what the fake news is cramming into your mind everyday. People who hate President Trump are distorting everything you are seeing.

President Trump was not a politician before and he is trying to fix somethings broken in this country, Give him a break!

If you are so mad about the children in cages – go back to eight years of Barack Obama. There are more pictures of children in cages then and no one seemed to care. Did you even know?

President Trump didn’t make the immigration laws – and Obama had the same problem trying to fix this mess.



Support buoys

Bach festival


On behalf of the 1891 Fredonia Opera House, I want to extend our sincerest appreciation to all those who supported the Bach & Beyond Baroque Music Festival — our 23rd — this month.

Because of the support from organizations and individuals, our visiting musicians were well-housed and fed, our ticket prices remained affordable, and we were able to present world-class performances of the greatest music ever written.

Our June 2 Bach BBQ, Bake Sale and Basket Auction fund-raiser that helped support the Festival also was a tremendous success! The event netted more than $4,000 while helping to promote the Festival, which was held June 15 to 17. A special thank you to everyone who provided delicious baked goods for sale, to the volunteers who helped sell the baked goods and serve the BBQ lunches, to the individuals and businesses who donated baskets, to Hector and Michelle Alverio who prepared the BBQ lunches and to everyone who came to the park to purchase a lunch or dessert and take a chance on winning a basket.

Thank you to the Festival and concert sponsors and contributors, to the New York State Council on the Arts for its grant support, to those who housed our Festival musicians, to those who hosted musician dinners throughout the week and to the area media which covered the Festival and helped us spread the word. Finally, thank you to the more than 400 people who attended one or more of the concerts.

The Bach & Beyond Festival is the single largest programmatic undertaking for the Opera House each year, both in terms of logistics and cost. Without the support of those outlined above, it could not be presented.

One audience member from Canada emailed us after the Festival was over and noted “the musicians did not disappoint, the talks were informative, the music outstanding and the receptions much appreciated. As usual, the real highlight was the open and welcoming nature of the staff, volunteers and local residents.”

We couldn’t have expressed it better or be more grateful! The Opera House is privileged to operate in such a generous, supportive community!


executive director,

1891 Fredonia Opera House