People’s column

‘Phenomenal job’ at our hospital


A lot of times people only want to write comments about things when they have something negative to say. Today, I want to commend a few people at Brooks Memorial Hospital Emergency Room that have done a phenomenal job. On June 7, I had an issue that required me to go to the ER and Dr. Joe Askar told me to head there and he would be available to do a consult.

When I got to the emergency room I was taken right into a private room. Dr. Askar was unavailable due to being in surgery and Dr. Jason Barker was assigned to my case. He went up to the operating room to consult with Dr. Askar and helped my situation within an hour’s time. Dr. Barker then sat and actually took the time to talk with me and find out more about my life and what was going on with me.

He was not only very professional and caring, but he was really wonderful in dealing with what to me was a crisis situation. I am very thankful for the Brooks Memorial Hospital emergency room, its staff, Dr. Askar and Dr. Barker and I just wanted to let them know they are appreciated.