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‘Extremism’ from the GOP


I was surprised to read Nick Weinstein’s assessment of the Tracy Mitrano rally in Olean (July 20). He refers to the ” ‘hateful rhetoric’ that followed an event billed as a unity rally.” I wondered why he hasn’t accused the president of such “hateful rhetoric?”

And why does Tom Reed defend the president’s “cruel, petty and concerning” verbal attacks on all manner of people and institutions? The Republican hierarchy is the biggest offender of “such extremism” as embodied in the president.


former Republican


Writer is late to wind issue


I was perplexed after reading Richard Makuch’s short July 23 article “Bleeding hearts should protest windmills.” Even though the article is brief, he uses the term “bleeding hearts” about 10 times. My personal perception of a “bleeding heart liberal” is that it refers to someone who is passionate about an issue, and that the issue is to the left of center on the political spectrum.

Personally, I don’t like to see any term used in a derogatory manner when it refers to someone’s philosophical beliefs. I believe no one benefits from terms meant to insult, and we have way too much of that in America today. Mr. Makuch might want to research the origin of the term bleeding heart sometime.

I believe that most people to the left on center in their political beliefs support a diverse energy system in the United States, believing that natural gas, wind power, solar and hydroelectric power are all important to our energy independence. I also believe that it’s likely this same group would oppose coal because it can be dirty and pollutes our air. So why should liberal-minded people be the ones to oppose windmills?

Lastly, Mr. Makuch, if you were against the Arkwright Wind Farm, what did you personally do to oppose it? It’s more than a little late to protest it now.