Think ‘outside box’ for Home


According to the OBSERVER (Jan. 4), County Executive Greg Edwards reports an imbalance of $9,000 per day operational cost of the County Home, and this seems to translate into $45 per resident based on a total residence of about 200 in the facility. Is there an outside professional audit report for verification and which also describes not only the money outlay but also the income? Is not the cost a bargain for the quality care given to our relatives and neighbors, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year by a dedicated staff?

Brainstorming ideas should be developed into a plan to save our model nursing facility. Think outside the box, Mr. County Executive! Don’t box us in!

One idea that should be explored is to obtain the help of a powerful and prosperous neighbor on Temple Road, namely the State University of New York at Fredonia. SUNY at Buffalo and its strong involvement in the development and expansion of health care training and job development provides a practical plan to follow. Bert Copiae’s letter in the OBSERVER (Jan. 6) offers four suggestions to SUNY Fredonia and three of them could definitely apply to the County Home.

A cooperative program could engineer money flow and be a good job-incubator for the county. After all, the County Chamber of Commerce is not going to succeed in job development for Chautauqua County by doing business with Chicago profiteers!