Twenty years ago — 1997

The possibility of creating a new water district along Route 5 in the town of Sheridan drew about 50 people to an informational meeting at the town hall. The purpose of the meeting was to present information on the process and determine if there is enough interest in forming a new water district. Initially, officials are looking at running a 16-inch water line as far as the Sheridan Bay Park area. Letters have been sent to about 60 people who could potentially be included in the district. Currently, residents in the area get their water from wells. An informal show of hands at the meeting found about 15 to 20 people who said they need better water service.

Thirty years ago — 1987

From Just Between Us ….. “Waste Not, Want Not” — The Art of Make-Do is the newest book published by antiques expert Donald P. Naetzker, a former resident of Dunkirk and Fredonia. Make-dos are described as “items that have been repaired or rebuilt generally for a practical use.” Make-do is where thrill meets good old Yankee ingenuity — and runs the gamut of household objects from a small piece of jewelry to a large piece of furniture. ….. Mary Lambert Miller, formerly of Fredonia, is appearing in “North Shore Fish” at the Chelsea Playhouse in New York City. The story concerns Gloucester (Mass.) and its people. The actress is the sister of Peter Miller of Fredonia and she is the daughter of the late John and Ruth Lambert Miller.

Forty years ago — 1977

Adam Douglas, son of Paul Douglas, the late actor and film actress Jan Sterling, is currently a student at Fredonia State University College. A resident of Gregory Hall, he cites computer science as his main educational interest at the moment and plans to continue studying until he earns his Ph.D.

Fifty years ago — 1967

A capacity crowd attended the annual dinner meeting of the Greater Silver Creek Area Chamber of Commerce held at the Colony House Restaurant. Four long-established businesses were honored: Barone’s Market on Central Avenue in Silver Creek and Mott’s Food Market, Baird’s Hotel and the Goodell Store, all in Irving.