Thirty years ago – 1987

The White Inn of Fredonia has entered into a Work Experience Program agreement with the Cassadaga Job Corps Center for its Culinary Arts students. Chef Richard Orloff of The White Inn sees the experience as a valuable educational opportunity for both the center’s students and the restaurant. The off-center Work Experience Program, coordinated by Elaine (Nadine) Lyczkowski, is considered a vital aspect of the vocational training classes offered at the center.

Forty years ago – 1977

“Watchtower,” a three-piece rock band from Dunkirk, will have a 45 RPM record released in the week of April 29. Rick Forrester, the leader of the group at 110 Woodrow Ave., announced today. Released under the “Spectrum” label, the record contains two original songs, “All I Ever Do,” and “I Need Ya.” Rick plays lead guitar in the group and is also the lead vocalist. Bob Unmack of 10972 So. Roberts Road and Rick Skrzypek of 225 Nevins St. is on drums. Bob and Rick are students at Dunkirk High School.

Fifty years ago – 1967

Westfield’s Murray Hill Hotel will disappear completely in the near future as wreckers continue work on the fire-damaged building.