Thirty years ago — 1987

Although it has been three years since the Fred Koch Brewery in Dunkirk was purchased by Genesee Brewing of Rochester, the removal of the brewery sign last week seemed to make the brewery’s end official. The complex was purchased last year by a Florida businessman who is looking into a number of possible uses for the various buildings. Caretaker Elvin “Dutch” Dutton, a 44-year employee of the brewery, removed the sign.

Forty years ago — 1977

From the Reporter’s Notebook: A local family was most distraught when their family pet, an Irish setter, disappeared a few weeks ago. They posted a $10 reward, advertising in the OBSERVER, and waited. Three weeks passed and no word about the dog. Then one day it looked as if their prayers had been answered. A boy knocked at the door, with an Irish setter in tow. It was a joyful family reunion, as the dog jumped around and licked all members of the family. The reward was made and the unidentified boy departed. A few hours went by before a young man in the family made the heart-breaking discovery. “Mom,” he yelled, “this isn’t our dog. This one is a female.” The animal control officer was contacted. He knew who owned the female Irish setter, but still had no idea where the male setter was. All that joy and the reward money down the drain.

Fifty years ago — 1967

Sandra L. Knapp, a senior at Forestville High School, is Calendar Girl of the Month for June. She is the daughter of George Knapp of Walnut Street, Forestville and Mrs. Joseph Bolivard.