Twenty years ago — 1997

Chautauqua County legislators are calling for the state to get their prisoners out of the county jail — and make room for higher paying tenants: federal prisoners. Every day, the county makes a $35 profit on each federal prisoner and loses $11 for each state prisoner. Yesterday, the county jail housed 231 inmates. Of that population, 25 were federal; 25 were state; and another 25 were parole violators — soon-to-be, state-ready inmates. Sheriff Joe Gerace explained the rising number of state prisoners is crowding the jail, making it impossible to take any more prisoners at all. The recommended capacity of the Chautauqua County Jail is supposed to be no more than 206.

Thirty years ago — 1987

Jennifer S. Nalbone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis (Janet) Nalbone of Fredonia completed her first solo flight on Sept. 1, her 16th birthday, making her a third-generation pilot. Jennifer soloed from the Dunkirk Airport where her grandfather, John J. Nalbone Sr., is fixed base operator. Jennifer’s father also soloed on his 16th birthday and stated his daughter landed the airplane like a pro. A junior at Fredonia High School, Jennifer plans to continue her flight training in order to meet FAA requirements for her Private Pilot Flight Test on her 17th birthday.

Forty years ago — 1977

The Rev. Abuid Sam, a former Dunkirk resident, will appear on the Channel 7 television program “To Tell The Truth” tonight. Father Sam, former owner of Abuid’s Bookstore at the Dunkirk-Fredonia Plaza and now co-owner of Father Sam’s Syrian bread store in Buffalo, is a rector at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Cheektowaga. The son of Samuel A. Sam of South Roberts Road, Dunkirk and the late Mary Sam, and his business partner, Jerry Stahlnecker, will both appear on the show.

Fifty years ago — 1967

Perhaps the first men and women to be given a guided tour of the gardens of St. Mary’s Monastery were members of the Dunkirk Federated Senior Citizens Club. There are more than 1,200 tulips in the garden, not to mention various spring flowers, as well as a great variety of fall blooms.