Twenty years ago — 1997

The Cattaraugus County Legislature authorized a $5,000 marketing study for the vacant Nestle plant in South Dayton through a partnership among several entities. Vacant for about three years, the plant’s closure resulted in the loss of nearly 60 jobs and eliminated a major market for the milk of more than 200 area dairy farmers. Only Larry Mack (D-Humphrey) voted against the feasibility study which was sponsored by Karen Blake (D-Perrysburg) and Catharine Young (R-Olean). He claimed there are people on the county payroll who should be doing this study instead of taking money from the contingency fund.

Thirty years ago — 1987

The fatal car-train collision earlier this month at the Norfolk & Western grade crossing on South Roberts Road in Dunkirk has prompted city officials to renew their efforts to have mainline N&W trains rerouted along the elevated Conrail berm that also traverses the city. If successful, the plan would almost eliminate the possibility of any further car-train collisions at the 10 N&W grade crossings within the city limits. It would also substantially reduce the amount of time the city’s east end is cut off from the rest of the city due to stopped trains blocking the tracks. The Norfolk and Western tracks could not be totally eliminated because they are needed to service area industries.

Forty years ago — 1977

Joseph Bonasera, 17, son of Sarah Bonasera and the late Jack Bonasera and a member of the senior class at Silver Creek Central School, was the guest speaker at a monthly meeting of the Silver Creek Chapter of AFS International Scholarships. He spent 10 weeks living in Guayaquil, Ecuador under the American Field Service International Scholarships Abroad summer program.

Fifty years ago — 1967

Western New York Poster Boy for the Muscular Dystrophy Appeals is being conducted this month by county chapters of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of America is John M. Gullo, 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gullo of 130 West Fifth St., Dunkirk. John, who likes dogs, toy cars and trucks, and pop music, was selected from a number of candidates by judges representing the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is a first-grade pupil. John was 18 months old when it was discovered he had muscular dystrophy.