Twenty years ago — 1997

Teaching Dunkirk elementary students a little about hockey and a lot about what it takes to be successful in school has been the focus of a program developed by the Fredonia State University College Blue Devils hockey team. Known as SWEAT — Skaters With Enthusiasm About Teamwork — the focus of the group is to promote a positive attitude toward school, teach the importance of teamwork and develop a work ethic. The SWEAT members have dedicated many hours to develop a program and videotape that has been presented in the four Dunkirk city elementary schools.

Thirty years ago — 1987

Absentee ballots recently opened in Mayville have confirmed that — for the first time in its history — the city of Dunkirk will have a woman mayor. Madylon Kubera, who ran as a candidate of the independent Citizens Party, has been elected to the city’s top executive post by a 34-vote margin over Edward Wisniewski, the Democratic candidate. Mrs. Kubera received 1,776 votes in the Nov. 3 election to Mr. Wisniewski’s 1,741. The final outcome of the race was left hanging in the balance until 112 absentee ballots could be counted. Most political observers predicted it was nearly impossible for Mr. Wisniewski to overcome Mrs. Kubera’s lead.

Forty years ago — 1977

The Ladies Auxiliary of John T. Murray VFW Post 1017 has announced the winners of the safety poster “slogan” contest. The contest was for fourth-grade pupils in the Dunkirk schools and 51 poster were submitted. The winners were Craig Notte, Traci Kubasik and Tim Palmatier.

Fifty years ago — 1967

Thanks to Mayor Joseph J. Steger, pupils at St. Joseph’s School for Exceptional Children on Bennett Road in Dunkirk now have a new portable television set. As “fall guy” for the Circus Saints and Sinners, Mayor Steger was gifted with the television set which he immediately asked be given to the children of the school.