Twenty years ago — 1997

In yet another repeat of its past performances, this past October The Brocton Review, the newspaper produced by Brocton Central High School students, was presented with 13 awards at Syracuse University. This year, the Review received six golds for the highest level of achievement in best all-around publication; best use of photography; best columnist, Bethany Abbey and Renae Lanphere (a tie); best news story, Adam Smith and Michelle Patterson; and best picture story, Colin Cave.

Thirty years ago — 1987

Dunkirk Mayor-elect Madylon Kubera has announced she plans to appoint Ron Hall as city clerk when her administration takes office Jan. 1. Mr. Hall, who now serves as secretary of the Republican City Committee, will resign from that post before taking office. Mrs. Kubera said Mr. Hall has a data processing background and handled publicity and other tasks in her mayoral campaign.

Forty years ago — 1977

Rules may be changing for the federal community development “game” which has been played in the city of Dunkirk for the past three years. According to Mayor Gilbert Snyder, “Some of our community development projects that were funded in the first three years may not be eligible next year.” Mayor Snyder, who traveled to Buffalo to meet with agents of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), said the Carter Administration is placing more emphasis on community-development projects that serve minorities and moderate-income families. He said some popular Dunkirk community development projects such as the 50-50 sidewalk repair program and site improvements for urban renewal developers may not be funded under the 1977-78 grant due in July.

Fifty years ago — 1967

A study was proposed at a recent meeting of the Dunkirk Common Council by Councilman George Hutchinson in regard to the feasibility of constructing an artificial ice skating rink in the city. The study will indicate the feasibility, the practicality of an enclosed surface, the cost, location and the property available. A complete report is expected by the second council meeting in January 1968.