Twenty years ago — 1998

Don Reinhoudt, former World’s Strongest Man, recently visited residents of the Park Shore Health Care Center. He displayed his strength by putting a nail through a board and then breaking it with his bare hands. Residents also enjoyed several films shown of him accomplishing several extraordinary feats of strength. Mr. Reinhoudt reminded everyone present that strength comes from the inside, not the body, and ended his presentation by blowing up a hot water bottle until it burst. He is a volunteer and also affiliated with the Chautauqua County Youth Bureau.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Assemblyman William Parment said he will be contacting the proper officials about the dangerous steep hill problem on Route 83 in Laona to see what can be done about it. Residents have been complaining about how trucks coming down the hill from Route 83 to Route 60 sometimes have problems stopping, thus posing a dangerous traffic hazard. Parment added he will also be pushing for funds to repair Route 60, between Route 20 and Cassadaga; and Route 20 just west of the Fredonia line.

Forty years ago — 1978

Rick Clifton, director of early childhood and continuing education in the Dunkirk Public Schools, was recently having dinner at a local restaurant. At a nearby table, a Dunkirk couple were dining when the man suddenly started choking. Mr. Clifton got behind the man, wrapped his arms tightly around his mid-section and began squeezing upwards as suggested in the Heimlich maneuver. The piece of meat was dislodged and the evening ended happily for all concerned.

Fifty years ago — 1968

An OBSERVER photo shows the crowded conditions in one of the hallways at Brooks Hospital. Several patients are in the halls and there are fifth beds in many wards. There have been about 185 patients at the hospital this week.