Twenty years ago — 1998

A sports column by Gordon Brunskill notes that there is still no official word on whether the Buffalo Bills will once again hold their training camp at SUNY Fredonia this summer. The Bills, who have had the training camp on the Fredonia State campus for the last 17 years, have not yet made a commitment to the school to come back this summer. The Bills had a standing commitment with the college over the years and had a four-year deal with Fredonia that expired after camp broke last August. Former head coach Marv Levy made it no secret that he enjoyed returning to the area every summer, citing the facilities and the slight though substantial enough distance from Buffalo as the main reasons why he wanted the team to continue to return.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Leaders of Buffalo’s Polish community are pushing for the appointment of a Polish priest to replace Auxiliary Bishop Bernard J. McLaughlin, who recently retired. The Polish community, which is almost 100 percent Catholic, feels it deserves this honor. Although one of every three Roman Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo is of Polish descent, Polish Americans have not had one of their own as a bishop since Auxiliary Bishop Stanislaus J. Brzana left in 1969 to take charge of the Ogdensburg Diocese. And in the 140-year history of the Buffalo Diocese, all the bishops in charge have been Irish. Bishop Edward D. Head, himself an Irishman, will prepare a list of potential successors to McLaughlin and submit it to the Vatican. The decision will be made by the pope.

Forty years ago — 1978

Aliceanne Johnson, a 43-year-old Jamestown laboratory technician, is the 15th person to win the top prize in New York’s $1 million weekly lottery drawing. She will received $50,000 a year for the next 20 years. Her name was drawn from among 15 finalists at the Empire State Plaza.

Fifty years ago — 1968

More than 100 students at Dunkirk High School are participating in the High School Bowl program under the direction of members of the social studies staff. Both an interscholastic county-wide competition and local intramural games are in progress at present. The varsity team which represents Dunkirk in county competition consists of senior Walter Drag and juniors Mary Ann Kolassa, Donna Parmelee, Charles Acker, Rosalind Vacanti, Virginia Baran and Diane Andrasik. Under the supervision of Francis Geiben and John Mancuso, the varsity team already has achieved one victory over Jamestown High School in the first round of play. County matches are held in Jamestown on Saturdays on an elimination basis and will continue for two rounds.