Twenty years ago — 1998

Construction of CrossRoads Farm and Craft Market on Sherman Road in Westfield is on schedule for a May 2 opening, less than two years from the date CrossRoads Cooperative of Chautauqua County Inc. began selling stock to fund the project. Located on a 30-acre parcel of land on the west side of Sherman Road between Ogen and Culver roads, the site is now fully equipped with utility services. Foundations and steel structures or the two retail buildings are in place and the next improvement is scheduled to begin any day now when workers start “skinning” the steel structure with metal siding. The original vision for the project came from six Westfield residents, all local people, who had dinner together on Friday evenings.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Kindergarten students attending Fredonia schools underwent a big change earlier this month when they started a full-day kindergarten program. In the past, the program has been half-day, with children attending either a morning or afternoon session. The additional class time will provide more opportunity for directed child development. The children and teachers will be able to enjoy enriched, creative activities in science, language development, music, art and physical education. Three new kindergarten teachers have been hired and have been working with the first-semester teachers to become familiar with the children.

Forty years ago — 1978

A preliminary decision on Niagara Mohawk’s request to build a $1.5-billion electric-generating plant near Dunkirk is expected by the end of July. No firm deadline for the decision has been set. If Niagara Mohawk is granted permission to build the plant, 1979 would be a design year for completion of final plans for the giant generating facility. Construction would not begin before 1980. The plant will take about seven years to build. There will be 2,600 construction workers on the job during peak periods.

Fifty years ago — 1968

The Dunkirk Racing Pigeon Club will hold its 12th annual pigeon show next weekend at at the Dom Polski Hall. A record number of entries are expected, including those from Oil City, Titusville, Meadville and Erie, Pa.; Jamestown, Lackawanna and Buffalo.