Twenty years ago — 1998

With a crowd of about 75 people awaiting its arrival, the Norwegian tall ship Anna Kristina sailed into Dunkirk Harbor in the late afternoon. The ship and its crew of nine entered the harbor from the west side of the breakwall. Among those awaiting the arrival of the 109-year-old ship were children from a Norwegian club in Jamestown, who presented the crew with a bouquet of flowers. After the ship was safely docked on the north side of the city pier, the crew raised an American flag on the front mast to a round of applause from the crowd. Built in 1889, the Anna Kristina is one of the last of the wooden tall ships still sailing≥ It is about 100 feet long and has two masts.

Thirty years ago — 1988

From Just Between Us ….. The cameras were turned on Tim Newton of Silver Creek on Memorial Day as he waited to interview Al Unser Jr. at the Indianapolis 500. Currently a sportswriter with the Lafayette Journal-Courier in Illinois, Tim was seen on national television standing beside Mr. Unser as the driver was being interviewed by ABC-TV. Not only did Tim’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newton, “catch” the televised scene but so did a number of Newton family relatives and friends. According to his mom, “the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.”

Forty years ago — 1978

Former Dunkirker John Ehrke, 49, recently arrived back in his hometown on his bicycle after completing a 2,800-mile trip which began in Long Beach, Calif., on May 20. His goal was to visit his sister, Mrs. Ronald (Martha) Gens, as well as relatives and friends in the Sheridan area. Mr. Ehrke pedaled between 74 and 202 miles per day during the 23-day cross country trip, with an average speed of 14-15 miles per hour. He will return to California by plane.

Fifty years ago — 1968

The Outstanding Catholic Youth Award, the highest award bestowed by St. Mary’s Parish on its youth, was presented to Chester Gawronski recently at ceremonies held in the school hall. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gawronski of Dunkirk. Last year, Chester shared a similar honor with Miss Helene Wise, now a postulant at the Graymore Convent at Garrison. Chester is a member of the 1968 graduating class at Cardinal Mindszenty High School.